The One Truth

This is an image I see, that will answer all questions about your reality and your universe, I can explain all points in detail, but as this is just the foundation of thought, I will keep it simple, so by the end you will see the image that I see. I will cover from the creation to end times.

The rules i follow are,

All is Tor/Torus
All physical form has a Torus
All living cells have a Torus and a consciousness
All Torus Fields are created by a resonance/frequency
The Earth is Flat
The Flower of Life is cell division
The Tree of Life represents the stages of evolution of the human consciousness  
Giant life first ruled the Earth
All we call the universe is the brain of Gaia

Three realities exist for you at any given moment of time.

  1. The first reality, in our case, is that of Gaia’s. 
  2. The second reality, is the one you are aware of at present.
  3. The third, is the reality that is in your mind.

These three realities all exist simultaneously and are all connected to you, think worlds within worlds.

In the first reality you exist as a brain neuron in the mind of Gaia.

In the second reality you exist as yourself, manifested as the physical form, of the consciousness of a brain neuron in the mind of Gaia.

In the third reality, you are a supreme being that can create and destroy entire civilisations with your thoughts, this reality manifests in/on the Massa Intermedia of your brain.

Now with this as the foundation of thought I can now show the image i see.

The TRUTHS that make up the one TRUTH……


A Torus within a Torus within a Torus
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The Torus in simple terms. The flow of energy is electrical (male) and spirals from the bottom on the outside of the torus, to the top where it is pulled back down into the centre and squeezed to a point of singularity (Dielectricity) plane of inertia/plane-t of eartha) as the energy diverges centrifugally it reaches it’s wave length and then must reverse, and becomes convergent centripetal lines returning to it’s plane of rest and is forced back out the bottom, the spiralling force of the pulling and pushing is magnetism (female), blue shift at the top to red shift at the bottom.
maxresdefault (2)
All humans are the manifestation of the consciousness of a brain cell in the mind of Gaia
Our reality manifests in/on the massa intermedia in the centre of the optic thalamus on the plane of inertia in the brain of Gaia
There are 9 stages to the evolution/life span of a human brain from conception to death
These nine stages have been played out in our history, and is the answer to everything in our reality.
The creation of a human (Gaia) was the creation of our reality.
The sperm/male/electric energy/God consciousness enters egg/female/magnetic energy/God consciousness, at that point there is two separate nuclei/God consciousnesses in the egg. The next stage the separate nuclei merge to become a single nucleus/God consciousness a single duality God consciousness. (See the red and blue shift of the Torus)
This is the Holy Trinity, when two God consciousnesses becoming one, in our reality this is day one of the seven days of creation, the cells formed at this stage have God consciousness as they are Stem cells, in our reality it is God/Stem cells that created earth and man.
7 days of creation in Gaia’s reality the journey of the egg from Fallopian tube to Uterus
embryo ferttimeline.1
7 days of creation in our reality
Creation Day 1- Light
Creation Day 2- Sky and Water
Creation Day 3- Land, Seas and Vegetation
Creation Day 4- Sun, Moon and Stars
Creation Day 6- Animals and People
Creation Day 7- He Rested
The first thing to form after the seventh day, are the two hemispheres of the thalamus
This is how I see creation in order. Source, God (in our case Gaia) (I will explain what I mean by Gaia being God soon)), then man, so source is the water (fertilized human egg), the resonance that gives rise to the torus from the water/source (egg) is the mothers heart beat/pulse of her main torus, then in the egg chromosomes establish dominance for the sex of the human(war in heaven) after that stem cells (Gods) create our biblical stories/memories, but once the earth is created the God’s will leave as Gaia matures and her ego takes over, at that point she is our God as it is Gaias heart that is the primary energy source of the vibration that governs our reality, but source still lies at the top of her brain thus source is all, then God’s. Angels and fallen Angels are one in the same each one will have its polar opposite, and they are in all human minds, they are simply the opposite poles of frequency from the creation of a divided mind that in turn is formed from a torus field, to be centered is to not be influenced be either (ego death) as our reality will play out as it will only influenced by our God (Gaia), now that also means we are God’s of the reality in our minds and it is this reality that we can influence, one day of anger in this reality will create a negative vibration that will last a year in the reality in your mind, that could mean creating wars, murders, crime, anything really that we see as negative in our reality, so this is how I see my true self, I do not focus on this reality as it will play out anyway, but to control my thoughts, feelings and emotions to give rise to a peaceful and abundant reality in my mind, this I see as our true roles as God’s!!!
The creation of land
This is the order I see from the start. So in the beginning there was only water/kundalini/source, there was no land and as far as I can see all land is dead life, so that means all life had to be in water first, and it was the gigantic life that lived in the waters/oceans that once dead became land, this process would take billions of years in our reality and is why the first stage of our reality took 16.4 billion years, eventually dead life will build up enough to create land out of the water, nothing about this reality will be recorded as it would of been well before the creation of man, this has to be the case when you look at what rock is, and it is nothing more than dead life, giant life from trees that stood hundreds of miles tall that stood on gigantic dead lifeforms (using Google earth you will find whole countries that lie in the scales of reptiles that lie hundreds if not thousands of miles in length) and as all ancient buildings are made from rock then that can only mean that man came well after all these events had taken place, billions of years after, of course I’m not talking evolution, I’m simply taking about the cells that make up the early thalamus of Gaias brain would be these lifeforms, and once the thalamus/land is formed then man would of been created and again the seven days of creation was in Gaias reality and NOT ours, so after billions of years the dead life becomes fossilized thus giving man rock and metal that are the remains of fossilized gigantic lifeforms, and like I said it is also the reason there is nothing written about this and also tells me why the information that we live in a brain was never directly said, as this can only be worked out by a brain at the right time and that for us is Gaias brain maturing to the point she remembers thus we do and the end result is me writing this!!!
The Optic Thalamus is the Third Eye and is found all over in ancient text, you will also hear reference to the Pineal and the Pituitary Glands, our reality is in between the two hemispheres of the Optic Thalamus where you will find the Massa Intermedia, and in the Massa Intermedia you will find the plane of inertia at the centre of the Torus Field that is created by the resonance of the brain. This is what we see as earth.
Massa Intermedia
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Location of Massa Intermedia in the Thalamus

brain lobes




(the plane we live on is said to be 25 thousand miles across at its widest point.
The thalamus and massa intermedia are 2.5cm at its widest point.
The massa intermedia also has a dome covering it at a height of 2cm
That tells me that the dome keeping us from the waters above is 20 thousand miles at its highest point!!! (All measurements open to debate))


The moon and the reason for its phases, the moon is made up of calcium carbonate (bone) and is the physical manifestation of the pituitary gland. (AS ABOVE SO BELOW)

Hormones of the Pituitary Gland


Pituitary gland and surrounding bone

Now as you can see in the images, the pituitary gland has two parts the anterior (front) and the posterior (back) and both secrete chemical hormones, depending on what part of the gland (front or back) is secreting the hormone at any one time, is what gives us the phases of the moon. (In our reality we see the frequency of hormones as light)


You will also notice that the pituitary gland is surrounded by bone….THIS IS THE FACE OF OUR MOON


If we look closely at the moon surface you will find it is simply bone.

19060143_10158913032465201_7959063890152853010_n (1)


The Pineal Gland/Sun (AS ABOVE SO BELOW)

The Sun is the physical manifestation of Pineal gland. The Pineal is located to the back of the thalamus, near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, in a groove where the two halves of the thalamus join. The Pineal gland produces Melatonin a hormone which amongst other things modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles, the daily cycle is the same as the yearly cycle. Now when you think about the Sun as Pineal gland, you will then understand why your sleep patterns (circadian rhythms) are controlled by it, as Gaia’s will be controlled by the Sun/Pineal gland in her reality, and is why i see one day in Gaia’s life as one year for us in our reality.



This brings us onto the manifestation of a human being.(AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT)

I see we are the manifestation of the consciousness of a brain cell, and all other life as the manifestation of all the other cells that make up a human body. A brain cell (a human), neuron (spine), synapse (brain), and a neurotransmitter (mouth, eye, ears, touch, smell and taste) a brain cell and a brain are one in the same, so a brain cell connects to other brain cells to pass on information, once a connection is created ideas/thoughts flow between the two, the neuron using its synapses makes connections via neurotransmitters, it’s able to make a countless amount of connections throughout the brain, we do the very same using our five senses.


The brain cell and brain are one in the same


neurons in the brain and if you were just able to see the energy transfer, you would see the night sky, add into that image the rotation of the torus field and you have the movement of the stars

Our brain is the nucleus of a cell, the cell becomes self aware/the birth of consciousness, the cell was created from the cells that preceded it (parents) now for the image I want to create I will use coral as an analogy, ok say you don’t have children and your parents are still alive, so the coral is only alive at the tip of coral structure, and after your parents die they become the coral that you base your existence on, and the pattern continues, now this is how I see the evolution of thought in the brain, and as such once you hold more up to date information for the thought to evolve then your parents have served their purpose as a thought/brain cell, then there memory is stored in the water (cerebrospinal fluid) and their energy/resonance/soul will be reassigned either as a brain cell or depending on its experience and vibration will go to other parts of the body of Gaia/universe. The only thing that truly evolves is thought itself, animals DO NOT evolve, they merely adapt to any prolonged experience.


The next part of the image i see is Source. (AS ABOVE SO BELOW)

Source is all, it holds the memory of every cell that has ever lived on every fractal in both directions, and is located at the top of the brain in a human as cerebrospinal fluid (This is why we look up to the Heavens).



I also see the Kundalini/Christos as a crucial part of the cerebrospinal fluid and can be used to conceive a human through sperm/Supreme Being and egg/Supreme Being, in the Kundalini is the DNA/memories to be past on for the evolution of thought to continue in Gaia’s mind.


or can be raised to conceive a higher frequency of thought/consciousness.


I also see all our senses, at their foundation simply filter frequencies of vibrations, they flow to the optic thalamus where the frequencies/waves are directed to the pineal/sun and the pituitary/moon where we see in our reality the frequency as light and in our brain we see it as hormones. The frequency then vibrates and resonates the Kundalini/cerebrospinal fluid that lies in the massa intermedia, into the fundamental shapes that give rise to the physical form and life, created on the plane of inertia at the centre of the torus field.



I also see our memories being stored in the water of the brain that surrounds the neurons, and when our body dies the vibrations/frequencies of our memories/experiences that the water holds in your brain, will eventually join all the other memories of all the life that has ever existed in our reality, that are all stored in our oceans, and once Gaia’s body dies (end of time/world in our reality) the same happens.

Mayan Calendar along side modern teachings of history.

The age of the nine stages combined in our reality i see as, seventeen billion two hundred sixty-three million three hundred seven thousand three hundred ninety-four

Now if you take this information and look at it as the evolution of consciousness of a human brain over the span of one lifetime, you will see it fits with our history according to all ancient texts scriptures and cultures (I see that in our reality, the creation of Gaia’s ego=The Great Flood (The Tree of Life that stood hundreds of miles tall, was felled, and it was the waters that were held inside, that led to the flooding). As anything that happens mentally for Gaia has to happen physically in our reality.

And this brings me to my conclusion.

Gaia, she has grown old now and is in the ninth stage of her life.

9 Stages of human life cycle
9 Stages of the brain from conception to reincarnation, this continues until the brain you manifest in (Gaia) reaches its ninth stage

We too continue through this cycle as a brain neuron constantly being regenerated/reincarnated and manifesting physically as a new consciousness, we will carry on reincarnating, each time loosing our memory of our past lives, until the mind we manifest in reaches its ninth stage, at this point we move on to the next stage of the bigger pattern, and this continues infinitely on all fractals.


We are now in the intermediate period!!!

Make your choices positive ones for the good of your soul.

The image I see has lots more details in it but for now i will leave it as simple as I can, everything I have spoke of can be researched by yourself using nothing more than the internet and your mind.

Remember, we don’t learn anything, we simply remember all the relevant information we need for our particular journey, the information needed is past on in DNA, your full script for your entire life is held by spirit/subconscious/right brain and is filtered to your ego/consciousness/left brain throughout your life, and all scripts for all minds are all intertwined creating the illusion of choice, but the reality is we are one mind and everything plays out exactly how it should. Everything that is has to be.


If this resonates with you and you see the image please share this TRUTH

These vids and YouTube channels are a good place to gain the understanding of some of the things I see, I won’t necessarily agree with all information in them, but simply take what I need from the information to recall my dormant memories……

Torus and magnetism: 



Sacred geometry:


Giant life:




I will end with a couple of poems I wrote many years ago.


A thousand moments live together
Delicately timed
Floating into place
Dreaming to elaborate on the void of life
Forever in pursuit of the eternal now
Endlessly creating the experience of memory
Your existence a mere page in the infinite book of life




For guidance to the light of the TRUTH research Santos Bonacci, he is YOUR guide. He is more than just man!